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ERP Consulting

FMS can work with your existing ERP to improve efficiency and safety by providing real time secure plume forecasting and gas detection in the event of an uncontrolled gas release.

In the time of crisis, time and accurate information is critical. We forecast where a sour gas plume will flow based on real time weather conditions from onsite weather stations as well as location specific satellite weather reports.

The plume forecasting software combines gas concentration, gas flow/release rates with wind and weather conditions to calculate and map out on Google Earth the plume forecast. It is based on the exact topography of the ERP specific location.

Basically, we can tell you where the sour gas plume is, where it will be and what the touchdown concentrations will be... IN REAL TIME.

This is valuable and timely information to have when making emergency evaluation decisions and plans. It is also important to know what regress routs are potential risks and when they are clear.

We assist your ERP coordinators responders to make more informed decisions by providing a secure Internet based Google Earth map showing the plume movements and forecasted movements and gas concentrations.

For more information about any of our products or services, please contact us any time.


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