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Flare Management

The purpose of Flare Management Systems Inc. is to ensure your flare permit requirement are met in the safest and most economical way possible and at the same time getting the most accurate and complete flow test data.

A flaring operation managed by FMS will ensure success from the permit application process to the field operations and to the end of job report.

We will provide qualified flare technicians, support and management staff who have more experience than anyone else in the flaring industry. We have the best technology available to successfully guide you through any flaring operation - simple or complex, big or small.

We will save you time and money without compromising the regulatory standards for a safe, efficient flaring program.


Flaring Brief

Traditional Flare Management Plan

Restrictive limitations based on WORST CASE SCENARIO. Formulated using historical weather information.


  • Used when accurate formation data is not critical
  • Smaller (non-complex) projects.
  • Simple start/stop permit management plan
  • save $ not using complex monitors and forecasting.


  • On again/off again subject to wind and weather.
  • Projects can take longer waiting to start/stop flaring.
  • No options if problems occur.
  • May require substantial fuel gas enrichment.


Real Time Plume Dispersion Modelling Flare Management Plan
Uses real time wind, weather, H2S concentration and flow rate information to predict and measure actual plume concentrations... up to 24 hours in advance.


  • Meet and surpass safety requirements of permit without the stringent limitations of a traditional flare management plan.
  • Used for larger (complex) projects with site specific public and environmental concerns.
  • Get the most accurate formation data possible in the shortest time.
  • Uses sophisticated monitoring and forecasting tools.
  • Start flaring sooner, continue flaring when weather and well flow changes, use fuel gas only when forecast suggests it is required (saving $ thousands).
  • Skilled on-site permit management technicians (PMT's).


  • Higher cost for manpower and equipment.
  • Longer deployment time.

For more information about any of our products or services, please contact us any time.

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