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Real Time Plume Dispersion Modelling

Real Time Plume Dispersion Modeling - The use of real time dispersion models is a relatively new technology that is gaining acceptance with the regulators and in the industry. It is a viable alternative to the traditional approach which utilizes a model created from historical weather patterns and data to establish a plan that assumes the worst case scenario at all times. Often this is very limiting and costly to mitigate.

Real Time Plume Dispersion Modeling is done at the time of flaring and allows a certified flaring technician to change inputs in the model based on data collected in REAL TIME and then see the results immediately. As a result a flaring operation can be managed in a manner that is much more efficient and cost effective.

Flaring is managed according to the actual (real time) weather and well flow conditions saving time, costly fuel gas additions (green house gas), and ensuring the highest safety standards for people and the environment.

One of the best applications for this type of flare management is where a flare permit indicates that large volumes of fuel gas are needed to effect sufficient plume rise to facilitate proper dilution of the SO2 into the atmosphere. The Real Time Plume Dispersion Modeling will determine when and how much fuel gas is required according to the current conditions; often saving thousands of dollars in propane and avoiding burning needless greenhouse gas.

Stationary and mobile gas monitors are strategically placed in the predicted areas where there is a high risk of SO2 touchdown to validate and support the Real Time Plume Dispersion Modeling forecasts.

Essentially, Real Time Plume Dispersion Modeling will forecast high concentration SO2 exceedances up to 24 hrs in advance. Mitigation is done ahead of time to avoid any risk of damage. The flaring operation is managed to bring success on all levels; business, regulatory, environmentally and for the people working and living in the area.

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