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FMS is a project management group based in Alberta, Canada with expertise in critical sour gas operations in the oil and gas industry.

Check out our Presentations Page to watch the video presentations and our DEMO links.

We offer planning and implementation services backed by experience and reputation. Based in Calgary and Red Deer AB, we serve with an attitude of respect for our customers, the people who live and work where sour gas operations occur and especially the environment we all live in.

Managing Energy Services

Complex permitting processes, rigorous audit standards and extreme ramifications for non-compliance are part of everyday life in the oil and gas industry. Ever changing regulations force the industry to improve their processes in dealing with the public and regulatory bodies. This creates a much larger project scope, higher costs and questionable deliverables when drilling or completing a sour gas well.

The Flare Management Systems team is equipped to address these challenges and streamline our clients operations. The benefits are vast and not just monetary. We manage solutions that bridge drilling, completions and HS&E departments. This also simplifies the complex process of meeting and exceeding stringent government regulations.

Managing public safety and perception along with field services is crucial for sour operations. FMS provides the tools and assets to build confidence at a community and corporate level.

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